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DenWal Properties & Development Corp.

Rent to Own Specialists

A different way. A different company.

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Expanding the distribution of wealth through homeownership in America.

Why Now?

One of the most traditional ways to gain wealth has been the purchase of real estate. Homeownership has been the single greatest source of wealth creation for working - middle class families, until now. The prevalence of low housing supply, increasing rent burdens, all cash offers, inflation, historically high market appreciation, low personal savings, and high personal debt has created the perfect storm where first-time home buyers are less likely to obtain traditional loans or have their purchase offers accepted by sellers. At DenWal Properties & Development Corp. we intend to revitalize homeownership for anyone who dares to dream the American Dream!


Our Programs



Homeowner in training program

Our Homeowner in Training Program is an alternative method to purchasing a home when families are not able to obtain a traditional home loan. We provide a solution for home buyers who may not quite qualify for a traditional loan. We connect home buyers with the support they need to make home ownership a reality! 

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Perfect Tenant Program program

Our Perfect Tenant Program provides a solution for homeowners who are having difficulties selling their home and need relief from their monthly mortgage payments quickly.

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Exceptional Returns Program

Real Estate continues to be a very profitable place for investors. Our Exceptional Returns Program affords investors an opportunity for passive, hands-off investments with a higher ROI than traditional investment methods. We work with existing, new, and accredited investors who understand the benefit of having their investment secured by real estate, a strong monthly cash flow and a strong return on investment without the challenges of asset acquisition or property management. We are committed to partnering with conscious investors to revive homeownership in America.

Real Estate Professionals

Preferred Partners

We develop mutually rewarding partnerships with service providers who have an intimate knowledge of the home buying process in neighborhoods we have selected. Our Preferred Partners Program includes local mortgage brokers, real estate agents, credit repair specialists, property managers, contractors, title companies and many other professionals.

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Advanced Real Estate Strategy

DenWal Properties & Development Corp. uses an advanced real estate strategy, commonly known as Rent to Own (RTO) or Lease Option to:

  • Increase home ownership for first-time buyers

  • Offer strong ROI for investors

  • Support neighborhood commerce and stability

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Our Leadership

DenWal Properties & Development Corp. is led by conscious leadership. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve others. Our leadership team has cultivated the feeling of gratitude among our team members, clients, and partners. Because of this, we are committed to the results our clients and partners desire and deserve.

Our Values


There is strength in unity.


We see every person and situation in all circumstances with empathy.


There is genius in the boldness of thought.


We build trust through responsible action and honest relations.


Flexibility allows us to move with quickness, utility, and skill to address all needs.


We see and search for the value in all opinions.


A joyful heart wakens us and propels us throughout the day and night.

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