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Real Estate Professionals

Preferred Partners

We are committed to serving and meeting the needs of our clients. To achieve this, we build solid and long-tern relationships with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, credit repair specialists, title companies, insurance agents, contractors, and other professionals in the real estate industry. Our mutually beneficial partnerships provide the support and service required to meet our clients’ real estate, mortgage, and credit repair needs. 

Image by Austin Distel

Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers

If you have clients who may not quite qualify for a traditional loan today, we can speak with you and your client to explain how they may be able to get into a home of their choice within two - three months. As their real estate agent or mortgage broker, you don’t have to wait for several months or years for your clients to save enough for their down payment or improve their credit score to close the deal. We can help you to increase your closings every day and create an active pipeline! Give us a call today and we will walk you through our program.


Other Real Estate Professionals

Although real estate agents and mortgage brokers are often thought of as the key professionals involved in the home purchasing process, we know it takes a highly collaborative effort to close a deal. We are interested in working with the best in class across all areas of real estate. If your business is credit repair, inspections, insurance, construction, real estate law, or property management to name a few, please connect with us.

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