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Perfect Tenant Program

The Perfect Tenant Program is ideal if you own property and need immediate mortgage relief. DenWal Properties & Development Corp. can be the perfect tenant to provide a solution if…

You need to relocate

When your job, a family, or a personal matter requires you to relocate in a short period of time and you are not able to sell your home, we can assist

You have an unfortunate change in your finances

Due to changes in your finances, you can no longer pay your monthly mortgage payments; we can assist in identifying a solution. 

Your home is in jeopardy of going into foreclosure

Foreclosure is devastating! No doubt! We can offer a solution to prevent a foreclosure from destroying your well-earned credit.

You do not want to be a landlord. Being a good landlord takes time!

  • Your property may be too far for you to manage

  • You may not have the time needed to manage the property

  • Property maintenance may be overwhelming

If you are interested in securing a perfect tenant, connect with us today!
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