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Homeowner in Training Program

We get it! You are ready to be a homeowner, but you do not quite qualify for a traditional mortgage.  If you have a good job history and a deposit, our financing and real estate experts will assist you in moving into the home of your choice and becoming a homeowner within 1-3 years.

The New House

Our Homeowner in Training program is ideal for you if…

Your credit is less than perfect for a traditional loan

  • Life happens and sometimes it causes credit scores to decrease. Our Homeowner in Training Program allows time to improve or repair your credit. We match you with a credit repair company to guide you towards qualifying for a traditional loan.

You need to save more money for your down payment

  • When you lease the home of your choice from us, a portion of your monthly rent will be credited towards your down payment when you close on your home.

You are self-employed

  • Do you need more time to build your business to show greater net income to qualify for a traditional loan? Our 1-3 years time period provides you the time you need.

You are new to the country

  • Getting a mortgage can be difficult as an immigrant. We can help with your goal of home ownership.

Happy Woman

Homeowner in Training

Our Homeowner In Training program gives you the opportunity to move into your home before you obtain financing or a mortgage while you remove barriers to becoming a homeowner. Whether you have to repair or build your credit, save for a higher down payment, grow your business or pay off debts, our Homeowner In Training program guides you through the process to successful ownership of your home.


  • You select your home and can move in within 1-2 months

  • You have the option to buy at the end of the program for a predetermined price

  • You can make the house your home while you qualify for your mortgage

How it Works


We will assess your unique credit situation


Our program allows you to move into your new home within 1-2 months


If accepted, we customize a program based on your financial and personal needs


We design your monthly rent payments to save for your down payment


We connect you with a credit repair specialist to improve your creditworthiness


You make an initial deposit of 3% - 5% towards the purchase of your new home

Leasing a Home

A Different Way to Homeownership

“Action is the foundational key to all success”  - Pablo Picasso

If you want to know how to qualify for our Homeowner In Training program and learn more about our program, take action!

Get pre-approved and complete the application

We will let you know if you pre-qualify within 7 days and schedule a meeting with our lending team to discuss purchase strategies.

Minimum requirements for the Homeowner In Training program

  • Good job history

  • Deposit of a Non-Refundable Option Consideration

  • A commitment to the process

Prepare to find your new home

  • DenWal Properties & Development Corp. will let you know your pre-approval amount

  • We will meet with your realtor and mortgage broker to review the Homeowner in Training program

  • If you have not selected a realtor or mortgage broker, DenWal Properties & Development Corp. will connect you with our Preferred Partners to assist you through the home finding process

Select your new home

  • Work with a realtor to find a home that excites you and fits your budget!

  • Hire a licensed home inspector to identify major and minor issues with the home

  • DenWal Properties & Development Corp. will review the home purchase agreement to ensure all offer contingencies outlined in the home purchase agreement are met or waived  

  • DenWal Properties & Development Corp. and your realtor will negotiate and finalize the purchase agreement

Complete legal paperwork to secure your new home

After an acceptable inspection: 
•    You move into your new home
•    Your monthly rent will consist of two payments

First Payment: Covers the mortgage, property taxes, and insurance

Second Payment: This will be your savings for your down payment at closing

Maintain a good credit rating

  • DenWal Properties & Development Corp. will connect you with a reputable credit repair specialist

  • You will work with the credit repair specialist to build your credit

Be financially Prepared

Our lending team will work with you to:

  • Set a realistic budget

  • Plan and save for your home purchase

  • Keep focused on financial goals

  • Prevent unnecessary debt

Complete the homeowner in training program

  • You will be a homeowner

  • You will be creditworthy and continue to build your credit

  • You will own an appreciating investment

  • You will have the opportunity to build equity

  • You will have tax advantages

  • You will have the freedom to personalize your home

  • You will be living the American dream!!

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